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I have been crafting and doing shows for 20 plus years. I have 3 children and I love creating primitive country crafts. I am married and my husband is my biggest asset to my success. But I can't forget the help my children have been through the years and still to this day. This has been a true family event. I hope you like what you see. I have made so many friends through the years. They started out as customers an are now dear friends, and that is all worth the long hours that we all put into making our creations. I say our creations, because my husband and children help in so many ways. Enjoy my pictures and posts, have a cup of coffee and some downtime to just relax...and come back soon...from my house to yours, Denise

Monday, December 19, 2011

Where is the Merry in Christmas ?

Christmas is such a magical time, especially for children. The belief in Santa is what makes a childhood so wonderful. It was sad once my children figured out he wasn't real, Christmas was different from that time forward. Like most parents I lived through my children's eyes. My own childhood was nothing I would want to relive. But we are supposed to pick ourselves up when we fall, sometimes we have help and sometimes not. Life is short but so many forget that. I cannot make everyone happy, I try but most times I fail. Day after day I struggle to keep peace, mend fences and yet every Christmas is ruined by someone. I turn within myself and sort of shut down because anything else is just pointless.

I posted on facebook earlier today the following:

"Christmas is not a good time for me, hasn't been for most of my life...but I still try and somehow I keep coming up with the same ending.....hope I never run out of tears...the decorations in my home are just bandaids for my pain."

The above post is how my heart aches for peace and the end to family upheaval. I keep so much inside, the hurt just multiplies. Again, I took the time to decorate my home, and here it is the 19th of December and I am struggling not to just take the decorations all down and pack the pain away. Each year I think "this year it will be different"...but it is not and I don't think it ever will be. Did you ever sit back and think what the word "family" means? Are there any perfect ones? I wear my heart on my sleeve and that leaves me open for tears as each year of my life passes me by. I am sorry this post is so disheartening for this wonderful time of year. I guess there is this little girl still wanting to be loved and accepted for me.

I hope your holidays are all that you want them to be. I keep thinking there is so much more to life but keep find myself more depressed as each year passes. Sadly people don't realize that once life's end is here, the fighting and harsh words won't matter anymore. I guess the reason I am posting this is to say Christmas isn't "gifts", it is the strength of your family, those of you who are lucky to have it, and the wonderful friends that will listen and help pull you away from that slippery slope.

Here is my wish for each and every one of you:

For you to never know the pain I feel in my heart each and every Christmas for so many years now. I will leave you with a few pictures of my home in which I so wanted it to be a perfect Christmas, but sadly it is not within my reach yet again.

From my house to yours:


Friday, October 28, 2011

Like Arnold....I am back...

Hi everyone, the title is my lame attempt at comedy....did it work? Anyway, it has been a while since I wrote down my thoughts and told you what I was up to. Oh the huge cattle gates I did, all 3 were gone by 10am the first day of the show and people who looked at them early on, came back to buy one and were very disappointed. Yes, they said "I didn't think they would sell so fast"....well to my surprise they were gone in a flash.

I know it is almost Halloween, I decorated my house a few weeks ago, and just today took some pictures of my fall finds....usually after Halloween is over, I go through and take down all the spooky Halloween stuff and leave up the Thanksgiving items...then after Thanksgiving I will decorate for Christmas. I don't decorate with much of my own work...I get so tired looking at it, I mostly use items I have bought from others. I will post some pictures of what it looks like in this post. I also will post some pictures from that big Covered Bridge show I did the beginning of October. I start to prepare for that show from Jan 15th to two days before the show starts...I always wished for 4 of those shows a year and nothing else, but I am still trying to get myself together from doing it and it is almost 3 weeks later...guess I am getting old...:(

I enjoy the fall more than any other season. Love the weather, the colors, everything to do with it...we finally got all our firewood in for the winter. Boy what a job that is. Thank goodness for our good friends that had extra and we got it from them this year. Waiting for a logger to drop off a load of logs is so frustrating. You call and they say "you are on my list".....list of what...people you tick off cause we had run out of wood and your promised next week delivery is now 2 months late....the guys did dig up the yard again hauling all the cords of wood we did manage to get. My poor yard never goes a year without ruts and holes....this is the worst...of course we had so much rain the ground has yet to dry out. We almost didn't get my big 20 foot trailer I was filling for the show out of the back yard. It kept sinking into the ground when my son tried to pull it up to the front of the house. Thank goodness for him having a "good truck"...lol Ford F350 diesel...

The only other news is my kitten Tater is feeling a bit better, he is almost 6 months old. My vet has me giving him a tiny piece of a generic Pepcid AC tablet twice a day with a bit of wet food. I also narrowed it down to he is allergic to chicken. Whenever he had cooked chicken, or dry or wet food with chicken he would start to throw up even on the pill. So now he is on a food with fish....he is growing like a weed, and is going in on this coming Tuesday to be neutered...and not a bit too soon. He has found out it is fun to hump Squirt, my other male cat...dumb Squirt just lays there, unknown to what he is trying to do. But I swat him off and shake my head as he is really maturing fast. All the action is in the animal world lol. He tries to play with the female Bella, but ever since he came to our home, she just hisses at him and takes a swat if he comes too close...makes for a noisy house some days, as he is just full of it. I call him Tater the Terrible....I will post a picture of him too....

Well that is my news for now...I think I covered most of what I wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy your fall and stay safe.

From my house to yours:


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Bigger....Better????

Hi everyone, well the title of this post says it all...I am always thinking outside the box so to speak, and this time is no different. I found a few old, wooden, heavy...very heavy cattle gates. Lets just say, I have a hard time just sliding them across the floor to work on them. My husband has to carry them in the basement for me. I have 3 to do, this one is the first of them to be finished. I already have people wanting them from the pictures I posted on facebook. Each one is a different size, this one being the smallest. And each one has different metal hardware, this one is the only one with an old chain still attached.

While I was working on it, I kept thinking..."are you crazy"....."why would you try to wrestle with these things"...but after I got it done, I sat back and said "damn that came out nice"...well in my opinion anyway. Everything is not for everyone...but this makes an awesome porch or yard decoration for the upcoming holidays. It is about 4 feet wide, and 3 feet high, and the thickness of the layers of wood is about 6 inches. But I wanted you all to see it before it is gone. I am getting better about taking pictures of my creations. Hope you all like it, but for now I am back to work preparing for a big show that is coming up. Have a wonderful day.

From my house to yours:


Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Fall

Hi to all, and if it is no secret Fall is on it's way. I love the colors, the crunch of the fallen leaves, pumpkins, corn stalks, mums and all the wonderful Fall festivals that are taking place. It is by far my most favorite time of the year. I have been busy gearing up for all my fall and winter shows, so many new things coming your way. The geese are getting ready to fly south, when I think of the upcoming snow and ice...it seems like a very good idea to move south for the winter..

I have most of my fall decorations out, but a few more to add. Then I can take some pictures to post. Have a few new holiday wreaths added to my stock, will post the pictures for you to see...they came out nice. A lot of the areas around NE Pa have been flooded from the bad storms that came through here a few weeks ago. Many people have lost everything they have, their houses have to be gutted and cleaned from all the mud and water. Mold being the culprit that can hid in even the best cleaned areas. Such a sad sight to drive along and see the contents of people's homes piled up on the curbs waiting for the front loaders to scoop it up and put it in a dumpster. Their whole lives being thrown away, everything that took a lifetime to collect. So when we are having a bad day, which we all have...and we think it is our worst day...someone is always having it even harder.

From my house to yours:


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lititz Craft Show 2011

Have you wondered where I have been....well I have also wondered that too. I have been working very hard to get my stock built up for my fall and winter shows. I am inching forward ever so slowly, but what I have is taking shape nicely. A lot of new things to offer this year. I get bored with the same, same so I am always drawing up something new.

The last show I did was Lititz, Pa. If you never went to this show, you are sure missing a huge one. It is massive, and if you go to it, you will always go back. My daughter Jaime went with my husband Jim and I to help out. We got there at 4am, and started to unload onto the sidewalk, by 5am we were setting up the tents. I was across from Wilbur's Chocolate Factory and by the end of the day, yes we bought some milk chocolate Wilbur Buds...oh so yummy!!

The day was beautiful, but towards the afternoon we had a few dark clouds and a bit of wind off and on. Then about 3pm, my daughter said to me, Mom it looks like a storm is coming we should start to pack up. Well I was glad I listened to her, by 3:30 it got darker and a bit windy. We had most of the totes packed, and Jim was putting them in the trailer. All we needed was 10 more minutes, but we didn't get them. The rain came down in buckets. By the time we got the 3rd tent down, we were drenched, and I mean drenched...the kind of wet where your clothes are dripping water, hair like we washed it, and shoes...well they were filled with water. If you never have been in a bad rain storm in Lititz you have not seen a storm. Water is rushing down the roads, from the curbs towards the middle of the roads. Along the curbs it could be 6 to 8 inches deep. It is definitely an experience to say the least. Most of the crafter's around me started to pack when I did, the ones that didn't lost some product for sure.

I will post some pictures of my booth and my crafts for you to see. Since Lititz I have lost 3 shows due to the bad weather, so it has not been a good year so far for sales. Lets hope the fall and winter is more profitable. I will try not to be away for so long, wishing I had 4 more hands and 48 hour days...

From my house to yours:


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shopping Available On My Blog

Hi everyone, boy where is the year going? Almost September and before you know it the year will be gone. I have been very busy getting ready for my fall crafts shows and festivals. Trying to fit everything in is hard. I have listings for etsy, stock to make for shows, trying to keep up with my blog, and my newest outlet for my wares The Olde Primitive Peddler site. You can get to it and etsy by clicking on the buttons to the right of the postings.

Well I am trying something new. I have added a few larger items with a paypal "Buy it Now" button underneath each offering. For now I have the shipping included in the price, only to make things easier and less back and forth emails. So now all you have to do to purchase the item is click on the buy it now button and it goes through Paypal. I am hoping this works so I can offer some of my creations to my followers of my blog.

I am off to work, really don't go far only down the steps to the "dungeon" as I call my basement. The ideas are flowing and my hands are not keeping up and neither is my body. But I am sure trying....have a wonderful weekend.

From my house to yours:


Monday, August 1, 2011

Recycled Prims

Hello everyone, it has been about 2 weeks since my last post. I am trying to fit it all in honest I am. But I find myself really tired at night and falling asleep earlier than planned anymore. Anyone else having this happen. I used to be such a nightowl, but not so much anymore. I have a few new things in process of construction for my upcoming shows, and I will give you a sneak peak at a few of them. Remember to check out The Olde Primitive Peddler, new items from some great artists became available at midnight and the 15th of the month wares are still up for grabs...including my 4 posts.

One other new thing has happened, we got a new kitten my hubby is calling "Tater"...fits him to a T...I was naming him Frankie, but I wanted to let hubs have some fun and name him. I have had him a week today, and what a week it has been. I thought I was losing him, he could not keep his food down..anywhere from immediately after eating to 30 min after her would start to regurgitate his food up. This could be for 3 to 5 hours, when this was happening he would be so listless and huddle up and hang his little head in distress. After this event was over he was a playful kitten, but hungry because he didn't keep anything down. I was afraid to feed him but knew he was starving. I took him to the vet, all she did was worm him and tell me to bring him back if that didn't help....sounds funny to you, well it did to me too.

Saturday I was grasping at straws, didn't know what to do, I actually thought he was dieing in my arms. You could feel all his bones under his fun, and he wanted to eat, but the above would happen again. I called the vet, she wanted to have me come up to give me an "estimate" on what it will cost to help him and that she had a 6 month payment plan...I saw red. Thank God, my friend Laura called me, she knew I was upset...boy you can always count on another animal lover to give you sound advice. She told me to get kitten milk and feed him small amounts at a time, Jim went up to Pet Smart and a very nice older woman told him about this wonderful pet food called "Blue". Animals cannot digest grains like corn and wheat very well, and this had none of that in it...she also said if Tater was running around like a nut after he was done being sick, then she doubts there was anything major wrong, but agreed with us that the woman who gave us the cat was giving them the wrong food. She was feeding the mother and kittens "Dads" all purpose food for any ages...and it is full of dyes and not so good stuff, and she said his tummy was just raw from it.

Well so far so good, he is keeping the milk down, I have even mixed it with some wet Blue canned kitten food. He has a vet appt today and I will see what this NEW vet says and when he thinks I should try the dry, which the woman at Pet Smart said to mix with cooked white rice. This kitten is running all over, been up on every piece of furniture, in crocks, my dishwasher and has leaped from the couch to the table. He is fearless and is driving the older 2 cats crazy. He loves to bite Squirt's tail, and the more he does the madder Squirt gets and the more he bangs his tail off the floor...thus Tater plays harder and it is a vicious circle...lol We went from a kitten that was dying literally to a kitten so full of energy...it is amazing. I will keep you updated, pray I get good news today, and yes his belly and ribs in just a few days are filling out, not a skeleton like when we got him. Hugs....

From my house to yours:


Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Snowman Trunk


Hi there, I hope your holiday is going well...but I wanted to post some pictures of a vintage trunk I just finished. Now if you have been following me on my posts on this blog, you will remember I did another trunk...a mustard colored one that I regretted selling...well....yep I got another one done, this one is burgundy and it came out really nice. So now I am thinking keep/sell etc. I guess time will tell if it is mine or not, cause I have to remember I am doing this to make money.

Tell me what you think of it...what a great trunk to store Christmas decorations in it after the holidays are over. I enjoyed making it, even though they are hard to handle when trying to paint them.. I had to have help to move it from the base coating table outside to the finishing table inside, and then up the steps to the extra bedroom for storage until the new owner takes it home from a show...so I guess I got my answer, I am talking selling...maybe one day I will do one for me...Have a wonder 4th of July.

From my house to yours:


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Just a short post to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July holiday. I hope your holiday weekend is packed with a lot of fun things to do.

From my house to yours:


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Much Talent Out There

Hi Everyone, just dropping you all a quick note to let you know I am still doing my thing. I am working hard on fall and winter items, really do not like spring and summer shows, but I do a few just to pay a few bills. We are having a beautiful day here in Pa. I am working on the items I will be posting in Olde Primitive Peddler on the 15th July. I am so excited to be asked to join this group of wonderful artists. We all have so much to offer, and each person is different in their own way of creating. Like my title says, there is so much talent out there in this world. I am amazed at the work I see others doing.

To keep you up to date on my wildlife zoo here in the back yard. I seen a young buck today, with his antler's just starting to appear. They were about 4 inches in length, he was shy and ran back into the woods. There were 2 doe with 2 fawns this morning running around back by the apple trees. Usually we have doe each year with twin and triplet fawns...they love the corn and old bread I throw out for the animals to enjoy. I love watching the new babies with their mothers. I never get tired of sitting on the deck and seeing the cycle of life in our back yard.

I am going to post a few of my new fall items that are listed on my etsy site. When you have time please check out my etsy shop. Here is the link.

Have a wonderful summer day, and remember when someone does something nice for you to "pay it forward"
From my house to yours:


Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming Soon

Hi everyone, I have some great news to tell you today. I have been invited to join "olde primitive peddler". I will be posting my wares for sale on the 15th of each month. I have added a button to the right column for you to click on and it will take you to the site. Some shops will be posting on the first of each month and some on the 15th, so be sure to check everyone out. There is a great group of talented artists, and I am sure you will be glad you stopped by. I am humbled to be asked to join this group, and I hope you all mark your calendars to check everyone out. It will open on the 1st of July.

From my house to yours:


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Days turn into weeks....

Hi everyone, I don't know where the time goes..all I know is that it went a lot slower when I was a kid. Days turn into weeks in a blink of an eye, we are all so much busier than years ago. Always something to do, somewhere to go...and always things that never get done and have to be put off until another time. I don't know whether this is just because we are older that the time seems to go by faster, as children we didn't have the pressure and responsibilities we do as adults. I miss the hustle and bustle of my home when my children were younger, now it is so quiet compared to before. So in any event, I try to figure out time to get away, one day Vermont and surrounding states is my dream to drive and just sightsee...with the economy today, I am not one of the lucky ones to be able to pick up and leave for a week or two...but one day I hope to be able to go...meanwhile I do what I do best and that is make new things for other peoples homes.

It is a warm morning here, AC is running already, birds are fed, squirrels are hogging all the food as usual, the ants still find the hummingbird feeder although I put a ton of coffee grounds down on the bottom of the pole...these were said to stop ants from either getting to the feeder, and if you put them around your house, stop them from coming in...well I guess I will stop saving the grounds, as they are not doing a very good job of keeping them away from the hummingbirds food...so it will be a bit senseless to spread them around the foundation of my whole house...guess a can of ant and bug spray is in order..anyone have any suggestions how to keep the ants from getting to the feeder, I would love to know them...

Here is some of the things I have posted on my etsy, some are one of a kind..others I have multiples of...enjoy your day...from my house to yours