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I have been crafting and doing shows for 20 plus years. I have 3 children and I love creating primitive country crafts. I am married and my husband is my biggest asset to my success. But I can't forget the help my children have been through the years and still to this day. This has been a true family event. I hope you like what you see. I have made so many friends through the years. They started out as customers an are now dear friends, and that is all worth the long hours that we all put into making our creations. I say our creations, because my husband and children help in so many ways. Enjoy my pictures and posts, have a cup of coffee and some downtime to just relax...and come back soon...from my house to yours, Denise

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Congratulations to Amy (At Home with Amy)

Congratulations to Amy from At Home with Amy blog....I reached my 50 followers and you are the winner of the items from Donna Wilken's and also the Vintage Spool Candle Holder from me. Please contact me by Feb 28th....so I can get your information. I need to know what color homespun fabric you would like on your spool...you can reach me at kountrypatch@comcast.net. I could not email you as I could not get gmail to work..never can...something I have to work on I guess...

And thank you to all who has supported my new blog and the wonderful comments you have left for me. I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a wonderful day and hugs to all....:)

A Little Change

Hi everyone, as you can see I made a few changes since many of you have visited last. I hope you like the new layout. I still have more to do, but so far this took me about 8 hours to figure out. I had some help, but really need a bit more to figure out some of the other things I want to do. It is late, after 1am, and I am calling it a night and hopefully work on this a little at a time. We still need 2 followers to make the 50 needed to pick a winner for the spool I am giving and the awesome items Donna is also giving in my behalf. I will post on facebook tomorrow and see if we can scare up a few more followers and get the winner for this giveaway so I can plan another one...think Spring, as I am sure we have all had enough of winter. Hugs to all...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Never Too Early

Hi friends, I have been so busy trying to get stock made for the upcoming show season. Some days I work like a beaver, and other days I need to chain myself to the table in order to see some progress. I cannot wait until the warmer weather gets here so I can paint outside. Nothing like getting a dozen or more items painted at one time, makes for some serious stock building. I have been able to sneak out and get a few things painted, but it is cold and slow going. But what brings me to my title of this blog, it relates to some of the things that I have been able to get made for my shows. For me it is never too early to paint for fall or winter, and I start them in January each year. They are my busiest seasons, so I try to have a good supply of fall/winter items ready. We have been cutting some new wood items, each Sunday we camp out in the garage and cut enough for a week of painting, sometimes more. I have so many new ideas that I will be sharing with all of you.

We have had a few nice sunny days here, just enough to tease us and then 14" of snow came and covered up the grass. On a more serious note, I am so very thankful for small things. My husband got cut bad on Sunday while cutting out some of the wood bases. It was on the table saw that I am not a fan of...and you will never see me using it. My back was to him and all I heard is a bad word, and the saw being turned off and he went out the door to the house. He is lucky...although it did a serious number on the tip of his finger, he could have indeed cut it off. It is going to take months for it to heal all the way. Accidents happen so very quickly, and I know it could have been so much worse. I cannot imagine having that happen to me, while I have had my share of injuries...getting cut on a table saw is a serious injury. Saws are not forgiving..once in a while no matter how careful we are, we can get hurt in a blink of an eye. Keep him in your thoughts for me if you can. I am going to finish up and post some pictures of the items I am making. Have a wonderful day, just know Spring is just around the corner. Hugs to all....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wish or Regret ???

Hi everyone, today I am writing about an old antique trunk I painted about a year and a half ago. It was one of my items that I was going to keep for myself, I loved it that much. So my question is, do I wish I kept it, or do I regret selling it....hmm, I guess the outcome is the same no matter what way I ask the question. It was one of those things that I thought, my home is not that big. Just a ordinary bi-level, and space to display it could have been easier than how to store it for 11 months. Especially when I have so much going on with buckets of stock for shows, and I also work from here, so space is a premium..sorta like a New York apartment...lol

So this was my plan, I took it to the next show after it was done...I put a high price on it and put it in my display. Before the show opened, I looked at it and said, nope...determined to raise my odds of it not selling...I raised up a bit, surely it would never sell and by default it would be mine...well I think you all know the rest of the story, within 15 minutes of the show opening it was SOLD....yep, sold at the price I raised it to in order to keep it for myself. This trunk was awesome inside and out. It had the original paper lining in it, and the mustard paint on the outside was how I got it...all I did to it was paint all the snowmen and sayings on it. I stained it, added some rusty stars, and sprayed a sealer on it. Believe me, it is not often you find something that is in such nice shape, but it now belongs to a very good customer of mine. So at least I know where it is, and it has a good home. I often have a hard time leaving something go when it comes out really good, but unless I win the lottery and get a bigger home...it has to leave my hands. After all I am doing this to earn a living, I think...lol...But every time I look at these pictures of this trunk I always say those words...wish or regret?? Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and as always...Hugs to all...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did you ever let things just get to you?

I am sorry to all who has been nice enough to follow my blog, I did something stupid about a week ago. I deleted this blog, why ......well I got a not so nice comment about my "stupid stories" and I let it upset me. You see, I am a very emotional person, I wear my heart on my sleeve...and mean things hurt me most of the time. If I am your friend, I am your friend....and I will do anything for you if I can...but I just can't wrap my head around intentionally mean people. Life is way too short to spend time hurting others. So I took some time to think about it, and decided I was not going to bail on the 48 people so far that has taken the time to join my blog. I hope you can forgive me for letting you guys down. A good friend I have met on facebook, told me to continue writing as she really liked my posts. Well enough time spent on this subject...I need to get back on track and wish you all well. I will write again soon....Hugs to all