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I have been crafting and doing shows for 20 plus years. I have 3 children and I love creating primitive country crafts. I am married and my husband is my biggest asset to my success. But I can't forget the help my children have been through the years and still to this day. This has been a true family event. I hope you like what you see. I have made so many friends through the years. They started out as customers an are now dear friends, and that is all worth the long hours that we all put into making our creations. I say our creations, because my husband and children help in so many ways. Enjoy my pictures and posts, have a cup of coffee and some downtime to just relax...and come back soon...from my house to yours, Denise

Friday, October 28, 2011

Like Arnold....I am back...

Hi everyone, the title is my lame attempt at comedy....did it work? Anyway, it has been a while since I wrote down my thoughts and told you what I was up to. Oh the huge cattle gates I did, all 3 were gone by 10am the first day of the show and people who looked at them early on, came back to buy one and were very disappointed. Yes, they said "I didn't think they would sell so fast"....well to my surprise they were gone in a flash.

I know it is almost Halloween, I decorated my house a few weeks ago, and just today took some pictures of my fall finds....usually after Halloween is over, I go through and take down all the spooky Halloween stuff and leave up the Thanksgiving items...then after Thanksgiving I will decorate for Christmas. I don't decorate with much of my own work...I get so tired looking at it, I mostly use items I have bought from others. I will post some pictures of what it looks like in this post. I also will post some pictures from that big Covered Bridge show I did the beginning of October. I start to prepare for that show from Jan 15th to two days before the show starts...I always wished for 4 of those shows a year and nothing else, but I am still trying to get myself together from doing it and it is almost 3 weeks later...guess I am getting old...:(

I enjoy the fall more than any other season. Love the weather, the colors, everything to do with it...we finally got all our firewood in for the winter. Boy what a job that is. Thank goodness for our good friends that had extra and we got it from them this year. Waiting for a logger to drop off a load of logs is so frustrating. You call and they say "you are on my list".....list of what...people you tick off cause we had run out of wood and your promised next week delivery is now 2 months late....the guys did dig up the yard again hauling all the cords of wood we did manage to get. My poor yard never goes a year without ruts and holes....this is the worst...of course we had so much rain the ground has yet to dry out. We almost didn't get my big 20 foot trailer I was filling for the show out of the back yard. It kept sinking into the ground when my son tried to pull it up to the front of the house. Thank goodness for him having a "good truck"...lol Ford F350 diesel...

The only other news is my kitten Tater is feeling a bit better, he is almost 6 months old. My vet has me giving him a tiny piece of a generic Pepcid AC tablet twice a day with a bit of wet food. I also narrowed it down to he is allergic to chicken. Whenever he had cooked chicken, or dry or wet food with chicken he would start to throw up even on the pill. So now he is on a food with fish....he is growing like a weed, and is going in on this coming Tuesday to be neutered...and not a bit too soon. He has found out it is fun to hump Squirt, my other male cat...dumb Squirt just lays there, unknown to what he is trying to do. But I swat him off and shake my head as he is really maturing fast. All the action is in the animal world lol. He tries to play with the female Bella, but ever since he came to our home, she just hisses at him and takes a swat if he comes too close...makes for a noisy house some days, as he is just full of it. I call him Tater the Terrible....I will post a picture of him too....

Well that is my news for now...I think I covered most of what I wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy your fall and stay safe.

From my house to yours: