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I have been crafting and doing shows for 20 plus years. I have 3 children and I love creating primitive country crafts. I am married and my husband is my biggest asset to my success. But I can't forget the help my children have been through the years and still to this day. This has been a true family event. I hope you like what you see. I have made so many friends through the years. They started out as customers an are now dear friends, and that is all worth the long hours that we all put into making our creations. I say our creations, because my husband and children help in so many ways. Enjoy my pictures and posts, have a cup of coffee and some downtime to just relax...and come back soon...from my house to yours, Denise

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring is on the way...

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I last posted. So much has happened and time has gotten away from me. Let me start with saying I have missed writing my blog, and the first news I will tell you is that my Tater Tot has passed away. On August 6th, 2012 at 1:30 pm, Tater Tot went to sleep, he was only 15 months old. With his failing health I was watching him slowly change from a playful, loving kitten to one who started to lay in the corner in distress. He was starting to suffer and I realized the vet wasn't going to fix him. Since the day I picked him out of the litter he had a special place in my heart. Once I got him home, immediately I realized he was a special kitten, but also that he had some problems. He would throw up and be in distress for hours after trying to eat. Never thinking that eating would grow to be his demise. The vet had him stable with some stomach medicine for many months, but then around July he started once again to throw up every time he ate. Tater Tot loved his food, but sadly his joy of eating also gave him hours of distress.

I could see he was suffering more and more each day. So that day I made the only decision that would give him peace, no pain of an operation that may not work, no more throwing up, no more labored breathing. Sadly his peace gave me great distress. Animals are not like people. They don't ask for anything but love, food and shelter. I have been judged many times throughout my life, and one thing I have learned is that animals love unconditionally. My Tater Tot is buried along the side of our house under the big red maple tree. We live in the country and when the weather is nice, and the day may be happy or sad...I sit on the steps of the side deck with a cup of coffee....and I can see his special place and I can remember him and how much joy he brought into my life. I know now that keeping him alive would have only benefited me.

On a happier note, I did eventually look for another kitten. I really feel Tater led me to him, as I was on my way to the mall when I was stopped at a light. As I was sitting there I realized the SPCA was right down the road. So I made a right turn and I ended up adopting a kitten. I put him in my car at "exactly" the same time Tater went to sleep....1:30pm 4 months to the day he died. I have to tell you about my new kitten, but that will be another post because this one is Tater Tot's story. He was loving, funny, and he loved his "buggies"..which I should explain. Tater loved his toys, like a kid he knew when I came home I would have a new one for him. He would hop up on the top of the couch waiting patiently for me to open the new buggy. He would play with them for hours, I put them away each night and each morning I woke up to at least 10 of them all over the living room floor. I kept a tuff of his sweet fluffy tail, a few of his favorite buggies, and the rest I placed around him as we laid him to rest. Thinking about him still makes me tear up. Some will say, oh he was just an animal...well I would say to you...No he was not, he was Tater Tot....

From my house to yours:

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